2494719 Q6R1CXXR24E - Indicador de Montaje en Panel LED



Q6R1CXXR24E - 


Indicador de Montaje en Panel LED


Q6R1CXXR24E - Indicador de Montaje en Panel LED, Rojo, 24 VDC, 6 mm, 20 mA, 40 mcd, IP67

Resumen del producto


The Q series panel-mount LED Indicator with bright chrome, black chrome and satin grey, plated brass bezel finish. It also has bright chrome, satin grey, gold and black ABS plastic bezel finish, 18mm coloured diffused epoxy lens. Standard wire length is 200mm, 22AWG, red wire denotes anode (+), black wire denotes cathode (-). Bicolour LEDs, by connecting the gold Faston (+) one colour is produced, by reversing the supply voltage another colour is produced - bicolour are available up to 28VDC.
  • Gold Faston terminal denotes anode (+), silver terminal denotes cathode (-)
  • Pin and wire options are epoxy sealed at the rear of the bezels
  • Tricolour LED has red and green LEDs when both are connected yellow is produced
  • Standard tricolour Faston terminals are two anodes (+) and one cathode (-)
  • Tricolour wires are one red (+) and one green (+) anode and one black (-) cathode
  • Tricolour pins are centre (-) cathode, shortest (+) anode pin green, longest (+) anode pin red
  • Maximum panel thickness - Prominent = 12mm, Flush = 10mm
  • Plastic bezel material - ABS
  • Daisy chaining option - Negative (cathode) terminals linked (3 x Faston), solder lugs only
  • Lamp test facility option (4 x Faston), solder lugs only
  • Recommended to use Superbright LEDs for use at 220VAC
  • Resistor-less versions (05)
  • Multi-voltage options

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